Casino Bonuses Guide

Casino bonuses Casino bonuses

Online casinos have in recent years become way more popular than land-based ones. This fall in no small part to what is known as a casino bonus. Other factors include the ease of the internet of access and also demand from players for such a service but in truth, the biggest factor for players using online casinos is the fact they get generous casino bonuses from online operators for signing up to play at their casinos. If you’re a new player and are still wondering what a casino bonus actually is, casino bonuses are promotions run by online casinos that give players freebies and extras for choosing their brand over another. Sounds good? Well, it is very good, in fact, there are so many casino bonuses out there that sometimes it can be hard to know or decide on which to use or which casinos to get them from, it's why sites like us and The Casino City NZ are there to help.

The different types of casino bonuses available to players at an online casino

As we previously mentioned, there are many different types of casino bonuses out there, you just have to know which are the right ones for you. Sounds complicated? It's actually quite simple in the end because many are self-explanatory, what’s actually important is that you choose the right bonus, i.e for the types of games you’re going to be playing as there’s no point taking a bonus designed for blackjack players if you’re going to be playing online slots all night. Likewise, if you’re a table games fan who wants to play roulette, then there’s no point in taking a free spins bonus designed for video slots. Below you can find the most common types of casino bonuses and also a brief description as to what their function is.

Casino bonuses Casino bonuses

#1. Deposit Bonus – An available deposit bonus is usually activated when you deposit money into your online casino account. It matches the amount you put in up to a specific % so if it is ‘100% up to 100’ and you deposit 100 you will get 100 free in bonus making your total 200.

#2. Exclusive Bonus – An exclusive bonus is a type of bonus usually found at an online casino portal. These have been negotiated between the casino and the webmaster and are generally much bigger than ones you find ‘off the rack’.

#3. Free Spin Bonus – Free spins are quite a common type of casino bonus and they can vary in worth depending on the promotion and also on your status. Typically, VIP players tend to get bigger value-free spins than regular players for example.

#4. Loyalty Bonus – Loyalty bonuses are given out to players who play over a certain amount of time or spend a certain amount of money at an online establishment. It’s the casino's way of saying thank you for staying with their brand.

#5. No Deposit Bonus – Online casinos sometimes give out no-deposit bonuses which allow players to try out the casino at no charge and still win something if they’re lucky. It’s usually a low amount in comparison to normal bonuses.

#6. Welcome Bonus – The welcome bonus or welcome package is the initial bonus you receive when you first sign up to the casino. It can be a single bonus or package deal that can comprise of a series of bonuses that are activated through separate deposits over time.

Online casino bonuses are subject to their own terms and conditions, always read the label

Yes, it’s true that online casino bonuses are subject to terms and conditions but this isn’t as ominous as it sounds. Each bonus has a set of rules attached so that people do not abuse them or exploit any loopholes. Put simply, most casino bonuses require that you complete the conditions attached to each bonus before being able to withdraw any money you’ve won as a result of using the casino bonus. It’s pretty fair and after all the casino is still a business and not a charity. By reading all the terms and conditions you can be sure you’re not in for any surprises later on down the line so take our advice and read them thoroughly to avoid disappointment.